4 key skills needed to secure a job in the IT industry

December 10, 2023

If you are looking to start a career in IT or improve your current skillset to climb the career ladder, you might be wondering what IT recruitment agencies and businesses are looking for. In this article, we’ll delve into the essential skills required for your next role in the IT industry.

What is the current state of the IT job market?

The IT industry has been and always is highly competitive and demanding when it comes to job roles. Data from Marks Sattin suggests that 94% of tech employers remain convinced that there is a significant shortage of skills within the industry as a whole, indicating a case where there is more demand than supply. Employers find it exceedingly difficult to fill job openings with well-matched candidates, often for extended durations.

So, what does this data imply for the current job market? For job seekers, this means there’s a notable opportunity in the tech sector, especially if they possess the sought-after skills that IT recruitment agencies seek. Tech companies are actively looking for the right talent to bridge the gap between their needs and the available workforce. It also suggests that tech professionals may find themselves in a favourable position when exploring job opportunities and negotiating employment terms within this competitive landscape.

Key IT skills

Technical Proficiency

To thrive in the IT industry, possessing a profound grasp of the technical intricacies is not only beneficial but absolutely essential. If you’re getting started with an IT career, there’s a lot of learning and qualifications to consider that can significantly enhance your portfolio and make you a more favourable candidate for IT recruitment agencies.

The following areas can be particularly rewarding:

  • Coding
  • Network configuration
  • Cyber security
  • Database management
  • Data analysis

Natural Problem Solver

Encountering technical glitches and challenges is a regular part of an IT specialist’s routine in the world of IT services recruitment. Given the constantly evolving nature of technology, it’s safe to say that the work is never truly complete. This is particularly true for custom-built programs and applications, which often come with their own unique issues.

Employers really like it when candidates can take on challenges and come up with smart solutions. It means you’re good at looking at problems, finding out what’s wrong, and then making things better. Your ability to navigate these challenges can really set you apart and make you a sought-after IT professional.

Communication Skills

When businesses hire IT specialists, they seek individuals capable of not only system management and problem-solving but also effective communication of complex technical issues to non-technical team members.

This skill is integral to various aspects of a business, emphasising the need for efficient collaboration and communication with colleagues beyond the IT department. IT recruitment agencies highly value candidates who can bridge the divide between technical and non-technical aspects of projects, ensuring clarity and smooth project execution.


Similar to technology, you must remain constantly evolving and adaptable. In a world where new technologies continually emerge, businesses can’t afford to be left behind their competitors. Candidates who stay ahead of IT industry trends and keep up with the latest developments possess a highly valuable trait that many businesses actively seek.

This demonstrates to employers that you’re capable of growing alongside the evolving industry and can tackle challenges with innovative strategies. By showcasing your ability to stay updated and adapt to changes, you present yourself as a valuable asset, ready to meet the industry’s dynamic demands.

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