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We specialise in connecting businesses with talented candidates for permanent positions across the UK.

Hire Permanent Staff

Why choose permanent staffing for your business?

Hiring employees on a permanent contract can lead to long-term growth, success and stability for your business.

With our tailored permanent staffing solutions, your business can benefit from:

Recruitment Support

We guide you through every step of the hiring process, from job posting to candidate selection, ensuring that the candidates we present are not just suitable for the role but also the best fit for your organisation’s long-term growth.

Access to a pool of Talented Candidates

Within our extensive network, we maintain an impressive pool of over 1500 highly skilled candidates who are actively pursuing permanent roles.

Expert Talent Acquisition Strategies

Our expert talent acquisition strategies are designed to attract, assess, and secure top talent for your long-term needs.

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Permanent staffing recruitment sectors.

SourceCo is committed to delivering exceptional talent across our diverse permanent staffing sectors. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your recruitment needs.


We source skilled engineers, production managers, and technical specialists who drive efficiency within your production lines.


Connecting businesses with logistics managers and experts to drive seamless operations within the supply chain.


Looking for top tech talent? We work with exceptional IT managers, software developers, data analysts and cybersecurity experts.


We source reliable transportation professionals to help deliver your goods safely and on schedule.


Connecting your business with skilled automotive professionals including engineers and specialists.


Keep up with demand and competition of the fast-paced FMCG market, with exceptional marketing specialists.

david austin
david austin
Leo has been excellent gone above and beyond to find work for myself 👍
Franklin Das
Franklin Das
Amazing experience !!! Very reliable and professional throughout the process. Being an international student, the best part I liked about SourceCo was that they are very easy to approach and they made me feel like a valuable candidate.
Travis Maylor
Travis Maylor
They are very supportive they pick the best job that suits you there one of the best
Amazing experience!! Straun was very helpful and supportive throughout the job application process and even continued to support and check up on me after I successfully got the job. I can't stress enough how amazing he was.
Jira Jakeman
Jira Jakeman
SourceCo Recruitment were very professional and helpful processing my application. Struan Rytina dealt with my application and helped me with the interview process and my successful job offer. After starting work he then kept in touch to see how I was getting on, I would recommend SourceCo and also Struan as he knows the local job market very well.
Lottie Clarke
Lottie Clarke
I would like to to say a big thank you to Mia for helping me find a job closer to home, so quickly. I can’t wait to start. Your amazing 😊
Faiz MaRooF
Faiz MaRooF
Definitely the best agency I have ever worked for. Leo was very quick in finding me this job and got me started very quickly.
Alan Lee
Alan Lee
Very good experience, any questions or concerns were addressed promptly. Communication was easy and informative. Dealt with Struan who was always positive and helpful nothing was to much trouble. Would definitely recommend them and would not hesitate in working for them again

Personalised approach to permanent staffing.

We are not just another recruitment agency, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building a team of professionals. That’s why at SourceCo, we’re dedicated to collaborating closely with your business, not just for temporary staffing but also for permanent staffing, to develop a recruitment strategy that’s tailored to your organization’s distinctive needs, values, and long-term objective

When you choose to partner with us, our team becomes an extension of your own. We’re not just here for your temporary staffing needs; we’re equally dedicated to helping you find the perfect, permanent additions to your team. Your success is our primary goal, and we’re focused on achieving it together. We work alongside you to identify, attract, and place the right talent, ensuring your workforce aligns seamlessly with your strategic vision, whether this is for short or long-term roles.

A seamless recruitment process you can rely on.

It’s no secret that recruiting the right individual for your business can be a time-consuming task. Let us do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

With our streamlined recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to evaluations and interviews, we will ensure that you are paired with candidates who share the same drive, values and ethos as your business.

Sourcing Candidates

We utilise a wide range of sourcing strategies to cast a wide net and attract top-tier talent in a range of sectors including IT, Transport, Manufacturing, Logistics, Commercial and FMCG.

Candidate Screening

Our team conducts extensive assessments, evaluating skills, experience and also company fit. We ensure that only the most qualified and compatible candidates move forward.

Interviews & Onboarding

Once candidates pass the screening process, we arrange an in-depth interview to gauge their potential contribution to your business.

Ongoing Management

We provide on-going support beyond the recruitment process, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for your chosen candidate.

Why work with SourceCo Recruitment?

When it comes to sourcing the right talent to fuel your business’s growth and ambition, SourceCo can offer a range of tailored permanent staffing solutions and expertise.

Here’s why we could be the perfect fit…

We share extensive knowledge across diverse recruitment sectors.

We use optimised strategies to attract top-tier talent, connecting you with the best professionals.

Saving you valuable time through efficient candidate screening and assessments.

We provide active management and support to both clients and candidates.

Don’t let recruitment challenges hold you back from doing what you do best. We are keen to learn about your business, listen to your requirements and match you with highly-qualified candidates who will help to drive your business forwards.

Recruitment solutions for permanent staffing.

Our streamlined hiring process allows us to conduct efficient candidate screening and assessment, allowing you to receive the most qualified professionals who align with your business requirements and culture.

If you are ready to start the hiring process with SourceCo, get in touch here or call 01527 407 140.

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